Arrogant girl seduced the worker while her parents were not at home

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A muzhik from a number of overgrown worker lovers visited the house to visit his friends. In theory, there should not have been anyone at home, but their daughter was there. Young cute girl with arrogant kind, accustomed to getting her. He was stunned when he found her panties on the fireplace. To the question - What are they doing here? The girl replied that they were just hanging, and also lifted her little skirt, and said that he could visit her hole. Taking it as a joke, he set to work and asked the girl to file a poker. Instead of a poker, she presented his vagina to his hand. He didn’t want to do anything with her, but there was no end to the girl, she violently climbed to kiss. In the end he gave up and agreed with her to play, but he did not fuck her. They were treated with simple priests, and in the end the girl was very unhappy with her.
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